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This fully tailored wedding photography package empowers you to fashion a personalised photography and videography experience that perfectly mirrors your unique wedding vision. Our team will collaborate closely with you to ensure that every facet of your special day is captured exactly as you envision it.

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What We Offer

This package is created for couples seeking full control and customisation of their wedding photography and videography services.


Whether you have distinct preferences, specific event needs, or a particular style in mind, this package can be adapted to match your vision.


Couples can even decide the number of artists to be present on each day to meet their specific requirements.


  • Personalise the number of photographers and videographers according to your needs.

  • Customise the coverage duration to match your event schedule, whether it's full-day, half-day, or specific event coverage.

  • Choose your preferred photography style, whether it's candid, traditional, contemporary, or a blend of styles.


  • Determine the number of edited images you desire.

  • Decide whether you want to include raw data, edited videos, and teaser videos as part of your customised package.

Package Cost:

Pricing for this package will be calculated based on the specific services, coverage options, and add-ons you select during the customisation process. Our team will collaborate closely with you to provide a detailed quote that aligns with your budget and preferences

Additional Services

  • Craft the package to include specific services like pre-wedding shoots, engagement sessions, or unique photo requests.

  • Select the type and style of albums or photo books that best suit your personal taste.

  • Opt for drone photography or cinematography to capture stunning aerial views of your wedding venue.


Personal Wedding Webpage

Includes an invitation (video + PDF) provided by you.

Event details (date, time, and venue) along with venue details and a map.

Contact details for support.

Countdown to the wedding.

One-click chat box where guests can submit the images they've taken.

Pre-wedding video and photographs.

Any other additional details you'd like to include.

After the wedding, the same page will serve as a web gallery featuring the teaser, video, and selected photographs (with the option of password protection).

The page will be live one month in advance of the wedding day and will remain active for three months following the wedding.


You bet, we're up for some good ol' negotiation! We haggle like it's a sport, especially if you're okay with us dialing down the quality.

Planning Request

Additionally, we kindly request that clients provide us (one month in advance) with detailed schedules and event information for planning purposes. In the event of any unmanageable deviations from the schedule, we reserve the right to refuse coverage of the second side event, ensuring that our team can deliver the best possible service to you.


Please Note: We don't send out other couples' data, videos, or images via WhatsApp as demo work. We believe in a more personal touch. We'd prefer to set up a meeting to showcase our work and, more importantly, to get to know your unique needs. This way, we can suggest the right solution tailored just for you, all while respecting your privacy—because privacy matters to us. After all, you certainly don't want your data in some stranger's phone.

These prices are indicative for an event location within a 25KM radius of Ajmer city and may vary depending on the event schedule.

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