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Get Answers to Common Photography Service Questions | Celebrat | Wedding Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you provide an wedding invitation page?

Answer: Yes, As a wedding photographer, we create a dedicated page for our clients, providing an enhanced invitation experience. This unique link opens to an invitation page that includes details in the form of text, along with the venue map, event schedule, and a countdown timer. The page also features a downloadable PDF of your invitation card and includes the invitation video (provided by the client). All you need to do is compose a beautiful text message and share this link with your guests. This invitation page offers an elevated and modern approach to sharing event details. An additional advantage is that the same link is seamlessly converted into a web gallery after the wedding, serving as a platform to showcase and share your wedding memories.

How user select wedding photographs?

Answer: For typically two-day weddings, wedding photographer often capture 5000+ images. However, we curate these images down to approximately 1000, carefully selecting the best shots. These curated images are then shared on a dedicated web platform where the client can conveniently select their preferred images with a simple one-click tick. Our web platform is synchronized with our server, enabling real-time updates of your selections. We've designed this system with ease and efficiency in mind, ensuring that clients don't have to sort through many images. This streamlined process allows clients to make their selections using a laptop or smartphone. It not only saves time but also offers the flexibility for clients to select images from anywhere in the world.

Web gallery for wedding photographs?

Answer: Yes, a web gallery is included as a standard part of all our packages. We consider this service essential and offer it complimentary to our clients. The web gallery showcases the selected and edited images from your event, providing a convenient and visually appealing way to view and share the photographs. Additionally, clients have the option to password-protect the gallery for privacy and controlled access.

Do you provide raw data of wedding?

Answer: Yes, unlike other wedding photographer, we provide raw data in various formats. For photographs, we offer NEF, CDR, and DNG files (Digital Negatives) in addition to the edited JPEG images. For videos, we provide Raw N, C, and S-Log files. Please note that our standard service includes professionally edited, high-quality images and videos reflecting our style and expertise.

What is your photography style?

Answer: As a wedding photographer, My style is primarily photojournalistic, focusing on capturing candid moments and emotions. I also blend in some traditional and artistic elements.

How many photographers are required to cover wedding?

Answer: Usually, we collaborate with a select group of highly skilled wedding photographers to guarantee thorough documentation of your special occasion. Depending on your needs, employing one to five cameras and an assistant can suffice. We strongly advocate for a smaller team as this approach enriches your experience with a personalized touch and allows ample space for each photographer's creativity to flourish.


Do you offer engagement and pre-wedding shoots?

Answer: Yes, I offer engagement sessions as part of some wedding packages. It's a great way for us to get to know each other and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera.

What is your approach to handling unexpected situations or changes in schedule in wedding?

Answer: I'm experienced in adapting to unforeseen circumstances. I always have backup plans to ensure a seamless experience.

How soon can we expect to see our wedding photos?

Answer: Your fully edited photos will be ready within 4-6 weeks after the wedding.

Can we request specific shots or poses?

Answer: Absolutely! I encourage you to share any specific shots or styles you have in mind. I'm here to bring your vision to life.

Do you edit wedding photos, or there is additional fee for editing?

Answer: Yes, unlike other wedding photographers, we edit all the selected photos, and it's included in the package. Each image undergoes professional editing to ensure the best quality.

Can we order prints or albums through you?

Answer: Yes, I offer high-quality prints and beautifully crafted albums as part of my services.

How do we secure and book wedding date with you?

Answer: To secure your date with a wedding photographer, a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit are required.

Are you familiar with wedding venue?

Answer: I've worked at various venues and am always prepared to visit new locations beforehand to plan and get familiar with the setting.

Do you offer drone photography or videography?

Answer: Yes, I offer drone services, Tradional videos and Top notch Cinematic videos to capture unique perspectives of your wedding day.

Can we request black and white or sepia-toned photos?

Answer: Absolutely, I can provide different photo treatments based on your preferences.

Photographers for destination weddings?

Answer: Yes, I am available for travel. Let's discuss the details and make the necessary arrangements.

Do you have insurance?

Answer: Yes, I carry professional liability insurance and equipment insurance for your peace of mind.

Can we share our photos on social media or with friends and family?

Answer: Certainly! Your photos are yours to share with your loved ones and on social media, with proper credits to the wedding photographer.

How much wedding photography cost ? and what is included in the wedding photography packages?

Answer: My pricing varies based on the package chosen. It includes pre-wedding consultations, coverage hours, edited photos, and additional services can be added as per your preference.

Do you provide a shot list or do we need to provide one?

Answer: I typically create a shot list based on our discussions, but I'm open to incorporating specific requests from you.

Meeting photographer before booking  services?

Answer: Absolutely! I encourage meetings or video calls to ensure we're a good fit for each other before finalising any arrangements.

How is the wedding photography data shared?

Answer: We share the entire processed data online through a secure and private online gallery or file-sharing platform. The RAW data, along with the final edited images and videos, are typically saved on a hard disk with a capacity of 1TB or more. This hard disk must be provided by the client. We ensure that all data transferred is done securely and professionally, maintaining the quality and integrity of the files throughout the process. If you have specific preferences or requirements for data sharing, we're open to discussing alternate arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Add-ons in wedding photography packages ?

Answer: Our package is carefully designed to encompass a comprehensive range of services to meet the varied needs of our clients. However, if you have any additional requirements or specific preferences beyond our standard offerings, we are open to discussing and arranging these services. Moreover, we provide the flexibility of customising our packages based on your specific requirements.


Feel free to contact us to discuss any personalised needs or enhancements to ensure your wedding photography experience is tailored to your desires.

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