The Best Wedding Photographer ?

The wedding season for the year has already begun and you may notice families around us are immensely busy in preparations like: venue bookings, decorations, deciding on food menu, clothes & attires etc

But have you ever wondered, who is going to make your event memorable?

Of course it's going to be your photographer !!! As he is going to be the person, who will click and record everything about your big day. Everybody knows that photographer plays an important part in the wedding but still people tend to delay bookings to the last minute and compromise on photo output.Wedding happens once in life and hence the choice of correct photographer is relatively important to make your function memorable.

In order to choose the best photographer and avoid hassle free bookings we advise you to do the following:

First and foremost, do your research. Research will take time, but it is very rewarding and satisfying. Browse local listings, use web, explore social media and ask your friends. You will come up with tons and tons of options but then you have to decide, whose work or what kind of work is appealing you. Eventually you will realize your search gets narrowed down and you are left with just a few choices.

Now as you are left up with few choices. Take a look at their website, social media pages, testimonials and reviews. The positive/negative feedback from people also helps in making a suitable choice. Though ratings and reviews are not always genuine, they still are an authentic source for decision making.

Contact the shortlisted photographers and brief your requirements. Ask them to send you their portfolio along with some complete wedding albums. This is simply needed because, a photographer will not upload everything on his website or on his social media page, they will only showcase few photos on those platforms. Taking a look at the complete album will not only give you a complete idea of their work but you will also get to know the photographer's sensibility, creativity and his true skills. Involve your family members or friends, while you are taking a look at the photos. Always remember two eyes might not notice flaws but a few eyes can catch them.

As wedding is something which is really close to one's heart we don't advise to shortlist your photographers just on the basis of their uploads on internet. Always remember online search is just to choose and shortlist photographers. We strictly emphasize to decide and finalize your photographer after setting up a meeting.

In many cases it is observed that clients and photographers, communicate via emails and phones only and at the end of the day the photo output comes out very mediocre. Remember, this is one thing that cannot be rectified so meeting a photographer in person is extremely important and very much recommended.

As you meet, ensure clearing all your doubts as mentioned:

* Pitch them your requirement, ask them about their experience. Take a detailed look at their work with an eagle eye vision. Ask them about their team members too, as knowing how many people will be there to cover your function is very important.

* Confirm their availability for your wedding day. Good photographers often get booked in advance so getting a confirmation for your wedding day is something you need.

* Ask them what is the best package they can design for you ensuring all your requirements. Don't hesitate to negotiate, if there is a scope.

* Ask them questions and observe how they respond, because efficient communication from both sides will eradicate doubts. Tell them your preferences and what kind of images you like the most.

* Discuss the videography option with them too. If they can do that, well and good. If not, then you may have to look out for a videographer separately.

* Ask about what equipments are they going to use, so that you also get little idea about the equipments and quality.

Finally after personally meeting these few photographers, take some time to analyze and realize with whom were you most comfortable and compatible with. For instance, if one photographer is giving you all you need at a lesser price, but you are doubtful about building a rapport, while the other photographer is comparatively costlier but he is making you feel comfortable, we strictly advise you to choose the latter one. Ultimately, he is going to make everything look good. So make a wise choice.

Once the choice is made, get all things jotted down on an agreement and we are sure, once you will book your photographer, you will be in complete relief and will get fuelled with excitement.

And remember The Best photographer is one that you have chosen, one who makes you the most comfortable. Its your day , enjoy it to the fullest & leave the rest to him. He will capture the True Best Moments.

Because Magic is in You !!