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How to turn your wedding photographs - good to GREAT

great wedding photographs

Photo by Anne Edgar

Marriages are no less than festivals in India.

Just like everywhere else, they are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm along with a fine spirit of culture and tradition. Undoubtedly, it is the most memorable day in one's life and is treasured for generations. The memories of that wonderful day are well preserved in the form of photographs.

If you'd been to a few weddings or had at least seen some wedding albums, or photos trending on social media, you'd noticed certain differences between a nice picture and a standout image. Here in this article, we are discussing 10 of those minute differences, that complete your photo journey from good to great.

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1. Background is important for good wedding photographs

In order to make your wedding photographs look better an ideal background is mandatory. In marriages, the gathering is usually large and people are often going here and there and everywhere, which kind of affects the background. A standout image would be the one, where such interruptions would be minimal.

Take a deep look at the few pictures given below and observe, how a good background affects the overall image. The images on the left have a distractive background. However, on the right side images, the background has been made pretty useful. You will clearly feel the photos on the right are comparatively much better.

great wedding photographs

2. Clutter-Free Area

Clutter will cause unnecessary distractions in your wedding photographs. No matter if everything is perfect but your image has got unwanted clutters, the output will look bad. Clutters cannot be completely avoided or sidelined but they can definitely be reduced to a good extent. You will notice huge differences in images with clutters and images that are clutter-free.

3. Color Themes are excellent for great wedding photographs

This is one of the most vital ingredients for perfect wedding photographs and your pictures automatically get a cutting edge advantage. Planning an apt theme is very important and while choosing a theme, the smallest of the things count and make a difference. For instance, consider the theme colors are white and two shades of pink, which also match the bride's dress, groom's shirt and overall compliments the decor. Color themes or wedding color combinations are in good demand. They transform your venue and give a royal feel to it and in images it can be certainly felt in that way. So once your wedding attire and accessories are ready, all you have to do is- choose a theme- without hesitation.

wedding decor for great wedding photographs

Color Theme & Decor

4. Decor

Just like the color theme, good decor is equally important as it sets the atmosphere right. A good decor comprises of lights, flowers, a stage, mandap, ceilings, walls, frame, floor, centerpiece, tables, chairs, curtains, fireworks and everything else. Decor goes hand in hand with the theme and compliments it. After the bride and groom, the decor is the second most noticeable attraction. Pew decorations look very appealing but many people do a blend of traditional and modern decor, which looks splendid as well. When for smaller household functions like in-house parties and birthdays, we pay attention to decor, in case of a wedding it is something which has to be appropriately done. In short, it is the heart and soul of the wedding ceremony.

decor for great wedding photographs

Now, in order to capture the beautiful decor some things are to be correctly implemented:

I) Keep cuisines at a distance, as it will minimize distractions and decor won't get affected and will be captured/recorded the way you want it.

II) Provide a separate area for guests to relax, as guests will rejuvenate and will feel energetic and that eventually means, photographers will be able to click better pictures with the best expressions around.

III) consider a decent music arrangement as music spreads a positive vibe and helps keep a good mood.

5. Usage of props and miscellaneous

Depending on couples' preferences or wedding styles, the usage of the right props will be an added advantage. From a hand mirror for the bride or maybe a pair of hangers to a big photo frame for group shots or even a side ladder will make major differences in your images. Wedding props are in trend and add originality to the event.

Parents taking care of everything is cool, but here they can miss a thing or two. To participate, contribute and give your opinions as it's going to be your wedding. Do not use steel utensils in the form of Kalash and trays. Use bronze, brass, or marble instead, for hawan samagri and prasad, as photos will look much better and more traditional.

Take help from the creative people in your family as they can advise you appropriately.

props for wedding photographs

6. Traditional, Candid or Artistic wedding photographs

wedding photographs

Traditional photos are the ones where you find people striking a pose. Candid photos are the ones, where the subject is not looking at the camera. Candid photos look natural and light plays a major part. Artistic photos are more inclined towards special color effects, partial coloring or deep coloring and images look like absolute artwork. Therefore you have to make up your mind about choosing your photo genre. Some people prefer candid photos whereas some prefer traditional ones. Artistic photos is also getting popular lately. So choose your genre wisely or get a blend of everything.

7. Angles & Moment

Everyone looks the best on their wedding day. And in order to capture your photos the right way at right angles a photographer has to access and examine everything. Angles will depend on your dress up, looks, and body type. A normally clicked image will stand nowhere compared to an image clicked at the correct angle and correct moment.

wedding photographs

8. Elegant Posing for great wedding photographs

A wise man once said 'Posing is no less than a performing art'. And that in my opinion proves exactly the mettle of this point. No matter if your looks, dresses, venue, and everything else is perfect but not your posing, then you might not like the output. Or in short words, bad posing almost ruins the image. So practice your favorite poses and do pay attention to your photographer.

Photo by Tom The Photographer

Photo by Tom The Photographer

9. Discussions

Talk to photographers, check their work, and analyze the creative quotient. A creative professional will never get short of ideas and that will reflect in their work too. At weddings, there are endless opportunities to be creative and they will make sure that everything looks presentable. Introduce important family members and friends to the photographer, as he will put in his best efforts to click the main people at the function.

Therefore discussions with your wedding photographer are very important, tell him what you want exactly and give him some space and time, so that he weaves a beautiful story.

10. Don't forget to smile

The most important of all points. It's your big day and make sure you carry a nice smile on your face. A smiling face is like a feather on wing and automatically enhances the value of the picture. If the above 9 mentioned points aren't properly executed but you are smiling your heart out, your pictures still will look amazing as a smile is the prettiest thing one can wear. So be happy, have fun and smile a lot.

A good wedding photographer will always try to make his work stand out but at the end of the day, he can only click he can only click what's actually in there.

So by taking a look at these 10 points, you by now must have realized, what all it takes to complete your photo journey from good to great. We are pretty sure, most of the points discussed above are familiar to our readers, but the way they are implemented definitely affects the image output.

Magic is in you !


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