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    About me


    15 years in photography has taught me an immense about human emotions and their play of expressions. And what could be more beautifully expressive than a girl decked up as a bride! This is why I chose wedding photography: to cherish the most important day in a person’s life and immortalize it as a story. If you want to experience this thrill, show me the couple you are! I'm interested in knowing the chemistry between you two; how you interact as a couple, without me posing you, before I even pick up my lenses. Sure, I'll click many fashioned compositions, but I'm most curious in learning your natural rapport outside the frame. Because, I don’t shoot what it looks like, rather, I shoot what it feels like. And this is where the magic is!

    Magic is in you!


    So here I am, inviting you to share with me  your stories, reveal the dreams you see together as relationship goals, and I promise to transform them into still memories saved forever.

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    We are  present at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Banglore, Ajmer, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Lucknow,  Jhansi and have associations across India. 

    Event Planners and Venue Hosts, Please excuse ...We don't pay any commissions.  


    +91 9602212620


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