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Be Organized – Plan your wedding

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A wedding, without a doubt, is the happiest and most memorable day of one's life. It is something that is cherished forever and ever.

Wedding planning is something that can be exciting as well as stressful at times; as budget, planning, ideas, and execution often collide. Here in this article, we will help you plan, manage and organize your wedding.

A) Planning

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Be a day-dreamer/night-thinker

This is going to be one special day of your life. The essence of this point is to think, imagine and jot down your own wedding plans. Being your own wedding coordinator is in trend these days.

Decide a budget

The most important of all points you need to decide on- is a budget. As there are too many things to be done at a wedding, budgets usually fluctuate, so It's advisable to decide an amount you are willing to spend on the wedding and try to stick throughout the planning process.

Get Social

Talk to your friends who are married. They are the ones who have experienced this before and can tell you about the challenges they faced. They can also advise you on how things are to be done. The best of friends will also talk about what they did right and what they could have done differently.

Do not panic and make wrong decisions

As your wedding date will be coming closer, you are likely to make the wrong choices. You don't have to rush, in fact, you need to be calm and composed in order to make wiser and better decisions.

Browse Pinterest and bridal magazines

You might love Facebook and Instagram a lot but this is the time when Pinterest will be your favorite social media website as you will get a lot of wedding ideas that certainly will catch your eyeballs. Popular bridal magazines will also keep you updated about the latest trends and what's going on in the wedding industry.

wedding theme

Consider a wedding theme

Choose a theme that looks great and is easier to plan. From colors to decor, from flowers to lights, and from stage to ground- make sure everything looks consistent. Deciding on a theme at an early stage helps in narrowing down the selection process.

Novelties and Personal Traditions

Our country has age-old rituals, cultures, and traditions, and that significantly vary from one community to another. Make sure to keep up the traditions, that means something special.

B) Management - Plan your wedding

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Maintain a timeline

Once your wedding date is decided, you will feel that the clock is running on you and in no time, the big day will show up. So it's relatively important to prioritize tasks by maintaining a timeline. One cannot do all things at the very last moment so it's advisable to divide and plan things weekly.

Create a Wedding Folder

In this age of smartphones and pads, where one sets reminders and to-do lists, this might sound a little old school, but this actually works. A wedding folder is much recommended to keep all your wedding-related documents and receipts at one place. This keeps things organized and saves a lot of time.

Compute a to-do and must-have list

It is very important to make up your mind while creating these. A to-do list is something that is to be implemented. You can afford changes or have alternatives on a to-do list. A must-have list, on the other hand, comprises things that strictly are to be implemented. In a must-do list, try to rank tasks in order of importance and urgency.

Involvement of friends and family

As the old saying goes 'creative minds, inspire the world'. Try to involve experienced and creative people among your family and friends as their ideas, experience, and recommendations will play a vital role in your wedding plan.

Correct time management

Health is the ultimate wealth. So don't try to do everything by yourself. Instead, assign family members and delegate tasks. Use that free time for relaxation or meditation. You can consider yoga or exercising too, based on your preferences as having a sound mind and body makes you feel good about your own self.

Consider a professional

If you have limited time left or you are really confused about how to get things done effectively. It's advisable to consult and consider a wedding planner. These experienced professionals will guide you through the entire process, will give you ample options as per your budget, and will help you in planning and implementing your wedding with ease.

C) Organising - Plan your wedding

wedding setup

Guests and invitations:

You need to talk to your partner about the size of the wedding. This will give you a brief idea of how many people will attend the function. Once that list is finalized you can accordingly send 'save the date' cards to your guests.


The venue plays a crucial role in the wedding. You need to decide whether you want to get married in your hometown/city or you are planning to have a destination wedding. Accordingly, the venue has to be decided and needs to get pre-booked in order to avoid last-minute hassles.


Priests are familiar with rituals and ceremonies and therefore, In traditional marriages, the involvement of priests is a must.

Photography and Videography

Memories always last a lifetime. This important day of your life has to be captured and recorded with perfection. Make sure to collaborate with photographers and videographers accordingly and book them in advance.


Decide what cuisines you will have at your function. Some people like experimenting with mixing Asian cuisines with Italian whereas some like keeping it traditional. So that entirely will be a cumulative family decision but needs to be pre-decided, as pleasing your guests is the most important of things.

Sound and Music

Decide whether you are going to have professional musicians, bands, or a DJ. Each of them offers a different style and has advantages as well as limitations, which again depend on what are you exactly looking for.

Flowers, Lights, and Decor

The first impression is the best impression and that's the reason why decoration makes your function legitimate and authentic. Floral, cloth, and light decorations are extremely popular and add a positive vibe to your wedding function. The decorated stage gives a grand feeling and makes the bride and groom feel special about their day.


DIY skills can save you money and you get a chance to showcase your creativity and make sure your wedding looks one of a kind. But as everything in the world has got pluses and minuses, the drawback of DIY is- it takes a lot of time. So in short, use your DIY skills but with good time management.

Clothes and Grooming

You need to look your best on the day of your wedding and that's it. If you are even in the slightest of doubts, immediately consult a good stylist about your look as they will guide you on what jewelry you should wear with your wedding dress. Hire a good make-up artist and do not compromise or hesitate to ask for a change if you aren't comfortable.

Get your marriage registered

These days it's very important to get your marriage registered. The marriage certificate is a registered document that certifies two people are married. The document is much needed as evidence of name change, traveling abroad, and any legal proceedings.

We sincerely hope, that the above-mentioned points will prove to be a stress buster and will help to shape up your wedding plans ensuring ease and efficiency.

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