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Your Dream Wedding : Wedding Photography

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Lipsa Bhut

Bride in wedding ceremony - wedding photoshoot
Magic Moments

Wedding photoshoots are entertaining

Among all the craziness going on in a wedding, the photoshoot allows you and your partner to spend some time with each other. Starting from pre-wedding shoots to post-wedding events, wedding photography covers it all.

Portrait photography

It includes different styles of portrait photography of the couple, who are the central element of the wedding. The photographer clicks loads of pictures and shoots documentaries to cover the entire wedding process so that when you look back, you don't miss out on anything.

Dream Moments

Every couple has certain moments in their dream wedding that they want to capture in lenses and cherish them as memories. Therefore, in this article, lets talk about certain important aspects of wedding photography that will help you understand the entire process.

Let's begin!

Venue and props

wedding venue - wedding photoshoot

The central aspect of clicking amazing photographs is the wedding venue. The wedding venue can be either outdoors or indoors based on your preference. If possible, choose locations exposed to enough natural light since lighting is also essential. Get props according to your theme.

You can even consult your photographer regarding the props since they may have different opinions.

pre wedding- wedding photoshoot

Be natural and straightforward

It's your dream wedding, and therefore the main thing is to enjoy your day. Your photographs will come out as you want them to be only when you feel love and joy. Keep an open mind, don't stress if your dress has a little dirt or you forgot to wear a bangle. Enjoy every moment of your dream wedding and allow it to get captured naturally.

photographer  - wedding photoshoot

Choose a good photographer

Every photographer's job is to look for the best angles and discover the magic in the moments of tying the knot with their significant other. Therefore, do your research thoroughly before finalizing the photographer since your dream wedding will only happen once.

These magical moments are forever set in the frame to let you revisit those sudden jiffies you felt back in the day. Hence, select someone who brings out the best in you and showcases both of your chemistry during the photo shoot.

light - wedding photoshoot

Keep a backup

It may happen that due to certain unavoidable circumstances, your wedding photoshoot gets delayed or ruined. To not let that happen, keep a backup plan ready. Sit with your photographer and make sure your dream wedding photoshoot works out smoothly.

couple - wedding photoshoot

Pose naturally

Keep it neat and straightforward. Don't force yourself to pose in a particular manner. Smile and laugh naturally, and don't get stiff. The photographer will always guide you through it, but you also need to let loose. Click more and more candid pictures since they portray both of your personalities more than anything.


Plan your budget

A wedding is quite costly, and a photo shoot on top of that can be overwhelming. Therefore plan smartly. Sit with your budget and plan your photo shoot accordingly. Creating a dream wedding photoshoot can be pretty expensive, but the memories and happiness it gives you, in the end, are all worth it.

Therefore, the points mentioned above will help you get your dream wedding photoshoot perfectly done.

Don't take the stress and keep smiling!

Bride in wedding ceremony - wedding photoshoot

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